Tuesday, November 30, 2010

pigeon blood my friends


Freshly mined rubies 

A miner shows of his latest find,
all finds are kept close at hand.

The finest hue of rubies go under the name of pigeon blood.
One of my absolute favourite gems is the ruby with its red fiery (or pinkish) colour. And did you know that transparent, flawless rubies exceed all other gems in value? Even diamonds, execpt so called fancy diamonds. The reason? Transparent rubies of larger sizes are rarer than diamonds.
The poor ruby must be transparent to posses gem value other rubies like opaque or semi-opaque have very little value compared to other gems.

Monday, November 29, 2010

evangelatos studio


Found this cool Brooch in the Evangelatos studio back in august. Pretty darn different and pretty darn cool with a pretty pretty price.

Photo: Me, Brooch: Evangelatos

Sunday, November 28, 2010

crown jewels of iran

I have wanted to show you  this picture for so long, like four months but I haven't come of my feet to post it till now. So here you go a bowl made of gold and rubies (!!!!) ...yum ...yum.. who would not wanna lay their hands on that!? It's so beautiful, goregeous, and many other adoring words would discribe it well however what would the use of such a thing be? The craftsman who made it was obviously trĂ©s skillfull and just out of respect I wouldn't dare to even touch it if it was in my posession (or within my reach;)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

did i tell you about romeingpanda?

Did I tell you that ROMEiNGPANDA made a tweet about diz little blog a couple of weeks ago? Made my day

You cant see it clearly on this photo but it is very clear that it is my favourite piece, the ring on the right, pink and gold. Fab
Love these necklaces too, but maybe not as much... =P

Photos: Cliff Notes and Romeingpanda

Sunday, November 14, 2010

fine budget, cool faux bijou (2)

All from ASOS

Metal Cross Ring
100% Zinc Alloy
7,5 Euro

Dainty Rosebud Ring
100% Base Metal
5 Euro

Wrapped Metal Lion Buckle Ring
100% Zinc Alloy
6 Euro

Metal Corset Ring
100% Zinc Alloy
5,6 Euro

sunday morning

Evangelatos Ring
Watermelon Tourmaline, Ruby, Silver and Gold

Good MoRnin'

Saturday, November 13, 2010

fine budget, cool faux bijou

Matte Butterfly Ring
100% tin
7,50 Euro

Double Ring Pack With Hanging Chain
10 Euro

Jewelled Triple Finger Ring
70% metal, 30% glass
10 Euro

Photos from ASOS Online

low luv goodies

Gold Double Finger Ring
Negative Space Ring

Found these lovely things at my-wardrobe.com, by Erin Wasson (from her line Low Luv)

the more the merrier or, big equals better

So many love big rings, weird rings, vintage rings, chain rings ..
So Heres Some Ringy Inspiration


Mary-Kate Olsen

Ashley Olsen

By Erin Wasson
By Erin Wasson

Vintage, Dannijo, Forever 21, vintage rings

Kershaw in Vogue Germany.

At the dannijo studio
Mary-Kate Olsen

I do Not own any of these photos. Souces, Fashiontoast, Fashion gone rogue.

Stefano Canturi

Bankstown boy.
Sydney based jewellery designer Canturi is the creator of the Moulin Rouge necklace. You can read more about it here.

Friday, November 12, 2010

the moulin rouge necklace

Remember this beautiful necklace that Nicole Kidmans character Satine was given as a gift from her "sponsor"? Would you have guessed that it was made of Real diamonds?  Me neither.. With its total of 134 carats of diamonds it is the most expensive piece of jewellery ever worn in a motion picture (!!!). 

And now you're asking, who created it??? Well kids, I'll tell you this; he was not european, nor american, nor asian. Have a guess and I'll tell you a little later, and don't cheat!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

moulin rouge beauty (2)

Gaaahww this film must have some of the most beautiful costumes ever. And they look soo affordable. Heh... so pretty....

moulin rouge beauty

Nicole Kidman dressed in gorgeous attire for the film of Moulin Rouge.

heavy load

Zac Posen gypsy inspired earrings, seems to be heavy as hell - look at the models ears! Plus the choker necklace. Talk about statement jewellery... Like? Dislike?

tay tay pretty

Country belle Taylor Swift photographed by Frederike Helwig for Vanity Fair. Love the necklace, oversized metal jewellery really gives some  exotic vibes to a pretty dress.