Monday, August 30, 2010

Cuff links!!

Venetian glass, silver

So.. this post is only interesting if you are a man, or perhaps a woman that want to dress your man in bejewelled cuff links. For the last hour I have been surfin the net looking for mens jewellery and mind you it is quite difficult to find something exeptional and interesting,  therefore I gave up that mission after awhile and went for cuff links. If there is one kind of jewellery made in millions of billions of varieties it is cuff links.
Some people like them, some do not. Some wear the expensive kind to show their wealth and their power (show offs ;))while others wear them for fun (like a Homer Simpon cuff)

silver and gold


Worn with the right clothing attire cuff links definitley give that extra detail of a well-dressed impression. I often find that the simpler the design is the better it looks with clothing nevertheless  detail is necessary for any kind of jewellery.

Venetian glass, silver

Some like it detailed, an' sum like it simple. All the CLs posted are great examples of  very fine CLs, some very simple like the Evangelatos and some, like the Omega Rose, and the Gerochristo with  great detailed patterns

18ct gold, sterling silver and pink tourmalines
Spiros Gerochristo

Sterling silver, black onyx

Omega Rose Gold Small Rectangular Cufflink

Victorian 9ct yellow gold

Sterling Silver, Rainbow Moonstone

Vintage German Art Deco, Sterling silver
Please note that I do not own any of these pictures, I posted them in the purpose of giving ideas and inspriation 

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