Monday, August 8, 2011

(new theme) my friend's jewellery box #1

I have always been jealous of this necklace. 
Funny thing, it was a gift from my mama and myself.. 

We have a new theme here at GD!
I like to think of myself as a social person. heh.. A person with friends..
And since I dont want the blog to focus around my persona, what better way to move focus from myself than exploiting my friends? :) 
First up is the lovely E. 

Another gift from my mama and I.. 
(More to come from this designer in september!)
Made by 14year old me as a birthday present (?)
Gift from me and my mama.. 
Dont remember the designer. 
Sad. Great design.
 Silver and gold.
YSL ring a pretty gift from the BF... 

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