Friday, October 8, 2010

can't think of a good title right now..

Apperently indan bridal jewellery is not one piece, but a whole ensamble of pieces that complete eachother. The Maangtika, the nose ring, the earrings, the bangles, the necklace, the anklets and toe rings are the ensemble. My personal favourite is the Maangtika that is worn on the brides head, each Maangtika is unique. Its design and colour depend on what the bride will wear clothingwise. It is attached by a string that runs from the back of the brides head to her forehead.

Now I don't wanna get married but I would love to have a Maangtika!! It looks waay better than the headbands all fashionistas wore a while ago.... or what do you guys think??

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