Sunday, October 17, 2010

like an isadorable

By Peter Lindbergh, I dont know who the modell is, love the styling and the jewellery ofcourse...

I adore these two above, the first one looks sooo Isadora Duncan inspired/greek godess with that snake necklace, greaaat couture piece. I think some famous modell (sorry I dont remember who) wore that necklacea while ago along with two real snakes(!!!)

Just one last thing, I know that I'm writing about jewellery here but since I publish many editorial photos here I feel a frank need to express my irritation over the socalled beauty ideal... Like this modell above, she is facialy gorgeous, breathtaking, a few kilos more (I'm not sayn' ten but like three) would not look too bad on her. Just a parenthisis, dont kill me, I know that alot of people like the skinny ideal, and thats cool, thin can look nice, if it looks natural...

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