Friday, April 8, 2011

the ideal diamond cut (or the 2 first C's in diamond)

Most round brilliant-cut or fancy-shaped diamonds have 58 or more carefully angled flat surfaces, which are called facets. It is the precision of each facet’s placement that will affect the amount of fire, brilliance, and ultimate beauty of a diamond.
Brilliant Cut - 84.37 carat Diamond sold back
in 2007 by Sotheby's Geneva
No other material on Earth can capture and mirror light the way a diamond does. But transforming light into brilliance necessitates outstanding skill. Most diamonds are cut to maintain maximum weight from the original rough stone, forfeit potential sparkle. To accomplish an Ideal Cut is more tricky, complicated and expensive, nonetheless it presents much more brilliance in the end.

If a stone is cut too “deeply” or too “shallow”, light is lost through the base and sides -  leading to a darker apperance. A round brilliant diamond cut with 57 facets and perfectly symmetrical proportions captures and beams back light in all its brightness and sparkle.


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