Monday, April 25, 2011

necklaces and pendants, list of the week

I realized that there are so many things I want, but very little things I would die  for (material things that is, not that I wouldn't die for a cause or somethin'.. I just don't have one right now..)  But these things I have listed now are things that my material ego really crave and dies a little every time it realizes the impossibility of some of these things.. And by that I don't mean the Bulgari necklace, believe it or not

I want to have worn this Bulgari necklace at least once before I die. Every second counts(!) haha

I want this necklace in more colours...

I really really want the opportunity to finish this necklace, using the 
same technique as the previous necklace... It's a must before fall...


I want to learn how to carve pendants like these, and I want to own some.. ahhh greed *sigh*..

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